Thursday, 14 November 2013

What NOT to wear during your pregnancy (from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe)

Before I actually became pregnant there were times I would buy clothes and think "Hey, I can wear this when I am pregnant too!" Not always. You don't realize that it's not just your belly that expands; you get bigger all over, even your feet! This is all based on my personal experience: a nearly 28 week pregnant lady addicted to clothes.

1) Anything you want to wear post-pregnancy
Even though you can fit into it doesn't mean you will want to wear it because it's about to be stretched to high hell. I love my vintage horse tee so it will have to go in storage.

2) Buttons and zippers
It's not a good look; better to buy something that lays right rather than making you look like a balloon that's about to pop.

3) Heels
So sad to see them go but my balance is so bad these days, I don't want to topple over in the street. Plus you're feet may do a bit of swelling so strappy sandles are not always a good idea.

4) Watch that hemline
Short circle skirts are cute but they are the worst perpetrators. You really don't want to be caught in the wind wearing one of these. So even if it fits, mind the bottom. A wonky hemline just looks sloppy.

5) The bust crusher
Tops and dresses that I thought I could wear during my pregnancy are turning out to be unaccommodating in the bust region. At 14 weeks pregnant I was going to a wedding and tried to wear a princess cut tube top with the same problem. It was obscene; your extra chest has to go somewhere and it will spill out the top in ways that you wish it wouldn't. Makes me sad...

6) Super plunging necklines
Yes, your boobs are looking pretty great these days. However, unless you want to remind people where your eyes are all day, it's maybe better not to. Plus there are some weird adult baby fetishes out there, yikes! But I am a bit of an introvert; if you are into the extra attention then werk it gurl.

7)  Jeans or denim
Trust. I got my maternity jeans around 15 weeks and it was a big feeling of relief. I was in denial about it, thought I could just wear leggings for 7 months. There is a lot of good denim out in maternity so it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. Buy them sooner rather than later, you'll be happy you did. I think my expression says it all.

8) Elastic waist bands
You don't have a waist anymore, remember? It makes you look wide and is uncomfortable to boot.

9) Tops that expose the lower half of your bump
Just don't. It's not cute.

10) Your old bra
Your boobs git bigger, your nipples get sore, and your chest expands, so don't torture yourself by trying to fit your big bust into a little bra. It hurts. Make sure you go get sized because you are changing. Believe me when I tell you that you will look and feel SO much better if your bra fits you properly.

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