Friday, 1 November 2013

26 weeks

Ham is about the size of a scallion today.

I am hungry and tired all of the time. I actually fell asleep slumped over on my husband yesterday afternoon. He just let me crush him for about an hour; what a guy. 

Am I the only pregnant woman who takes comfort in looking at the premature survival rates? Is that too morbid? Well, Ham has an 80% chance of survival if he was delivered today and that makes me feel a little relieved.

Pregnancy is giving me the most intense dreams. Last night, I dreamt I swallowed a fish alive and it was flopping around in my belly. It was just Ham having a good wiggle.

It's a rainy autumn day. Rainy autumn days are the perfect time to wear giant woolly sweaters. Beware of people wanting to touch your belly when you wear tactile clothes though. Can you blame them? I want to give myself a good squeeze in this.

The jumper is House of Fraser; I bought it from a charity shop's men's department. It's a real prize for me because I have the hardest time finding oversize jumpers that are the right length. The boots are from Aldo a couple seasons ago. Aldo has great sales, like the flash sale they are having for the next two days. Go get some quality boots for incredible deals!

For luck, I wore my charms. One is my zodiac sign and the other is the virgin Mary. I have no idea where I acquired this, maybe my great aunt, she was a Cancer too, and very catholic.

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