Friday, 22 November 2013

29 weeks

I swear, any day now my belly button is going to pop out like a champagne cork. 
Being noticeably pregnant is starting to be fun. Turns out strangers are nice to pregnant ladies; who knew? People are SO happy for you it's kind of uncomfortable, but in a good way. However, there is a lot of unwanted advice that I am trying to learn to take gracefully. Everyone has an opinion about what you can and can't do when you are pregnant. It really does my nut in when someone tells me I can't drink alcohol. It's like, "I am not just an incubator, I am a human being, and I can make my own choices." It's equally annoying when someone tells me that I'm allowed to have a glass of red wine if I want to; as if I needed their permission. I choose not to drink at all during my pregnancy, but that is my choice. Telling everyone off won't make it stop though, so I tend to just smile and nod.

I am thrilled that my Goosebumps shirt still fits me and my bump with out too much of a stretch. Best part about this t shirt: it glows in the dark! Gotta love the 90's.
The flannel, tshirt, and shoes are all vintage. The jeans are by A Pea in the Pod. Socks are from Calzedonia; They have an amazing color range for socks.

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