Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I finally came to terms with the fact that I needed to buy a new bra at around 15 weeks and I am so happy I did. It was amazing, being able to breathe. Don't put it off; do yourself a solid and buy a maternity bra at the first moment you feel uncomfortable. 
There is a lot of beige out there. You will not want for a skin colored maternity bra. Thats....fine. Everyone needs a basic flesh toned bra but what about the fun? I was afraid I was going to be forced to wear boring granny panty sets for the next year until I found +figleaves.com. They have a huge range of nursing and maternity bras and sets that are sexy.

They have lounge wear too! Sometimes I think that lounge wear is the most important investment you make during your pregnancy. A good nightie is a god send on those nights when you have to get up and pee about a million times. You will wear your comfy yoga pants and tank top more than you wear any other maternity item you purchase.

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