Saturday, 9 November 2013

Put the lotion on the belly

Nobody wants stretch marks. Obviously.

Apparently there is nothing that can be done to prevent them, according to the NHS and other internet sources. However, the amount of products out there making promises would suggest that there is something you can do. Maybe they are just playing into our vanity. I don't have any stretch marks yet (touch wood) but I make no promises.

I was just using my regular lotion, Shea body lotion by The Body Shop, but then my skin started itching from the big stretch. I started trying out a couple things.  I tried Palmer's cocoa butter formula, Palmer's tummy butter, Bio OilBert's Bee's mama bee belly butter, and plain old coconut oil.

My skin care routine now is to use regular lotion on my arms and legs. For my chest, bump, thighs, and booty I use Palmer's cocoa butter formula. At night I use Bio Oil. When my skin itches, which isn't nearly as often as before, I just put some coconut oil on it. That usually sorts it right out.

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