Sunday, 24 November 2013

Do I really need maternity tights?

They're all stretchy so what's the difference? Can't I just go up a size if I need to?


You can get away with wearing non-maternity tights for the first and maybe even second trimester but come the third you will want maternity tights. You need to wear things that will accommodate your bump, especially if they squeeze you around your tummy.

The main reason for buying tights that were actually made to fit you rather than going up a size is that you may not have gotten any larger around the legs. Baggy tights are not cute. You are a lot bigger in one place so get some clothes that conform to your flesh balloon. Don't try and make it work with droopy tights. Just buy some tights that fit already!

You don't get the variety in maternity like you normally do but here are some basic options:

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