Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Impossible Gift

Everyone has that one person that is hard to buy for, or maybe you are that person who just kind of has everything they need. Best thing to do: give them something they don't even know they want. A couple Christmases ago I gave my cousin a Nerf gun. He's 23 years old. He loved it, because what man ever really stops wanting Nerf? Men are forever involved in a Nerf arms race.

My aunt bought me this from +ModCloth.

I really love this present: it's practical and has a great pattern. I started looking around the apartment section of and found a lot of great gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for. They ship to the UK!

Inflatable T-rex ($19.99) Just cause hell yes.
Navigation Gloves ($29.99) Great gift for the navigationally challenged.
Me Without You Book ($9.99) A cute gift to express your affections.
Toast USB Warming Pillow ($44.99) We all love toast AND it's got a battery with a USB cord.
Instant Gentleman Magnets ($8.99) Add some hilarity and class to your pictures.
Shark Bottle Opener ($14.99) Live every week like it's shark week.

They also have some clothes that are bump accommodating so why not treat yourself to something while you're at it:
Grey Tunic ($32.99) - Every mum to be should have a tunic. It's a staple.
Red Diamond Top ($37.99) - I am really into harlequin print lately.
Oatmeal Sweater ($64.99) - Cozy warm for autumn.

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