Monday, 13 January 2014

Favorite looks

Recent outfits I've loved on +LOOKBOOK. This is my style inspiration, even though none of it is maternity. I've noticed there aren't many pregnant ladies on these outfit diary sites.

That is a great dress; and it's thrifted! It goes perfectly with the hat and boots.

I love the oversize jumper with the pattern trousers. Very cute, especially in the snow.

This girl is so good with color. She always brings it with an exciting, unexpected color palette. 

Great Layering. I'm from Illinois so I know how hard it is to look stylish in the polar vortex. She makes it look easy.

This look is so well put together and stylish. I know I've mentioned it before: I covet those boots by +Timberland.

That shirt. Amazing.

The thrifted velvet jacket is so cool with those brilliant gold +Dr. Martens 

I so miss the jumper over a shirt combination. It's not a look that works especially well in maternity.  She's working it!

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