Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bad investments

I did a post Tuesday about maternity essentials or what I considered to be good investments. Well, my choices haven't all been smart. Here are some of the bad investments I've made during my pregnancy:

Interview clothes
Nobody is going to hire you . Definitely do not need these. It's one thing to buy professional maternity clothes if you have a job that requires them. It's totally different if you get interview clothes. Don't bother. 

Baby Clothes
People will want to buy you things and clothes are probably the most fun gift to shop for. Make it easy for them when they ask what you need: tell them you want clothes and what size. Really, it's better than saying you want a sterilizer or something. Way less fun to buy. I purchased a bunch of baby clothes just to get bundles more from neighbors, family, friends, and pretty much everyone who hear I was pregnant.

I don't know what I was thinking to be honest. This had to be my dumbest purchase by far. I guess I still wanted to feel sexy with my changing figure. Best to buy lingerie that is an actual maternity line.

Baby Blankets
This is another case of letting people gift blankets to you. I was going to knit Ham a baby blanket myself but I ended up getting 8 baby blankets as gifts. And I don't even know that many people! This is something friends and family will want to get it for you, so let them.

Clothes for Clubbing
Everybody has an opinion about how you should conduct yourself and most people aren't shy about it either. Turns out nobody wants to go to the club with a pregnant lady. When did it become wrong for a girl to want to get dolled up and dance?

Underwired Bras
Your bra size will get bigger and bigger throughout your pregnancy. Then your breasts will get even larger and your chest size will get smaller when you start nursing. It's much better to buy accommodating bras during this time. When you lock yourself in to an underwire size there is less room for comfortable growth. I bought two underwired bras in my second trimester and I can barely stand to wear them now.

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