Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A shirt that reminds me of home

The hat is by +H&M; the boots are vintage. The leggings are Rebecca Beeson, and they are by far the best leggings I have ever owned. I don't know where to find another pair though. They are like the unicorn of the leggings world. The shirt used to be my dad's :) I love stealing from my parent's closets. It helps that they have hoarding tendencies. I get to find vintage treasures.

These boots were another pair that needed mending this winter. They are vintage so I didn't get them in the best condition. The bottoms were detaching but all they needed was a little TLC. I love the color; they are so worth the investment.

I'm definitely starting to get uncomfortable. You get days where the baby is sitting low and if you stand or walk for too long it feels like you're being ripped apart. Too much information? My midwife assures me it's perfectly normal. Anyways, on days like that all you can do is put on a big shirt that reminds you of home, your most comfortable leggings, and a hat. Keep calm and carry on.

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