Sunday, 12 January 2014

28 week bloods, whoops

The cardigan is from +Target, the dress is +Topshop, the boots are Aldo. I got the hair styling idea from the Free People Blog.

I love wearing cardigans like this, even more now that I'm pregnant and nothing fits. Just let it hang at your sides or wrap up nice and cozy. I've had these boots for about 4 years now. The zipper needed fixing before I could wear them for the winter and now they are better than ever. Invest in good boots people!

Getting to my 28 week bloods debacle. I guess my midwife forgot to mention to me that I needed another blood test. I really wish she would have told me before I was so far along! Maybe the baby was just in a bad position the day I chose to make my way to the hospital but walking just hurt. What should have been a 15 minute walk took me at least 30 minutes. When I finally got to the hospital I had to wait 2 hours! The whole day was exhausting.

I just want to mention how much I love the NHS. Seriously. I would much rather have to wait for a blood test when they are really busy than have all the worry and stress that comes when dealing with health insurance in the states. Americans: it doesn't have to be so hard and expensive! I have seen the light! Socialized medicine is not evil; it's awesome. I was just having a little complain. In reality, this is the first time anything has ever gone a bit wrong for me when dealing with the NHS. I love you UK!!

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