Friday, 10 January 2014

Keep it cozy

Obviously I have a thing for sweater dresses.

What's not to love? Who doesn't like to wear a dress and be warm?! Those are just the ones I can still wear; I have a bit of an obsession. Living in a place that is cold and damp most of the year, a sweater dress has kind of become my uniform. I wouldn't know what to do if I ever moved some place sunny.

There are some great sweater dresses in the shops this winter season. You might even be able to catch some of them at marked down prices for the January sales!
Cable knit tunic, £110 £77 by Blossom
Ladder stitch jumper, £34 by +Topshop
Striped tunic, £14.99 by +New Look
Stripe navy and ruby £28  by Heavenly Bump
Studded sleeve dress £41.48 by +MAMALICIOUS
Kingsley jumper £115 £80 by +Isabella Oliver

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