Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Gettin lucky in Kentucky

Do y'all know how great Kentucky is? Because everyone really should. I am obviously a big fan.

A 3rd trimester road trip is not nearly as complicated as I imagined. As long as you stop and stretch your legs every hour or so it's fine. I would, however, recommend having an emergency plan for when you really have to pee and there is no relief in sight. I bought a bed pan from Walgreens and made my husband swear he would still love me if worse came to worse. I didn't end up using it but there were a few close calls on those winding Kentucky roads.

We stayed at Country Girl at Heart B&B, which is a working farm. I got to hold puppies! She was incredibly hospitable and accommodating. There are things you should avoid when you're pregnant around live stock but as long as you try to keep your hands to yourself and wash them thoroughly you'll be fine.

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