Thursday, 19 December 2013

My themed shirts

You would think that a grump like me wouldn't be into kitschy themed shirts but, boy, would you be wrong. There are ways you can be clever about it. If you do it right you can be stylish whilst indulging yourself in cheese. I have three themed shirts that were all lovely gifts. My mother bought me this darling Christmas themed shirt from +Zazzle that I mentioned last week:

The shoes were a homage to Christmas parties past. I really just wore them for the picture and promptly switched to some flats. Look how unstable I was:
 And a sigh of relief:

 The other two themed shirts were gifts that my friends made. I have some creative amigos. My BFF made me this with just a maternity shirt from +Target and a sharpie.

This shirt was made by taking a vintage iron on and applying it to a maternity shirt from +ASOS. Apparently she had to iron it for about a million years but it was so worth it.

I don't mean to brag but my friends clearly rock pretty hard.

Just a tip: if you want to try making something like this for one of your friends then whatever size she is in regular clothes, that is the size she will wear in maternity clothes.

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