Tuesday, 3 December 2013

30 weeks

Sorry y'all, I'm a bit behind. I had an amazing time at Thanksgiving! My family absolutely smothered me so I had no extra computer time.

Hello baby Ham.

 My bump is getting so big I just can't imagine it growing. How does it all fit in there? The websites say Ham is the size of a large cabbage. What does that even mean?
Flying wasn't as uncomfortable as I feared. I made sure to get up, walk around, stretch, exercise, and drink a lot of water. It was about the same discomfort as I've always experienced on long haul coach flights. Just with extra trips to the bathroom.

So here I am in Myrtle Beach where, because of the jet lag, my husband and I got to watch the sunrise over the ocean. This dress is one of my favorites from H&M. It is the perfect trapeze shape and is great for layering. 

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