Friday, 27 December 2013

34 weeks

Today Ham is the size of a cantalope.

I'm trying to look presentable for my husband's English family Christmas in this +Gap maternity dress. You can't really see here, but I am wearing flesh colored fishnet tights, which are my favorite. The fishnet accommodates my bump just fine and they are subtly sexy. Fishnets are also surprisingly warm, might I add. I also got to use my DIY headbands so I enjoyed the entire day messy hair and headache free.

My mother in law brought me in the kitchen and explained "now we lite the Christmas pudding on fire...and nobody knows why." I like it. Alcohol abstention is so much harder during the holidays than I thought. Mulled wine, ales, baileys, southern comfort. I love and crave red wine, but I don't want to have a glass even though they say you can. If I have one glass I will want one bottle; you know how it goes.

My days have been wonderful but I have been in a terrible mood the last few evenings, which is a pleasure enjoyed solely by my husband. Poor guy.

I hope y'all had a fantastic holiday!

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