Friday, 13 December 2013

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Some people might think that holiday maternity wear is cheese. SO WHAT?! Cheese is delicious and so are these shirts. I am all for working a themed.

My mother bought me this shirt, which I wore with pride to my family's US down on the farm Thanksgiving. You know what? I think food tastes better when you're being festive.

There are a lot of options out there. T shirt makers are kind of falling over themselves to make the best baby/Christmas themed shirt. Some of them are so cute it's nauseating. We all know I don't like anything too sweet; here are some of my favorites:
Baby it's cold outside tshirt, £9.99
Santa Claus tshirt, £19.35
Penguin Jumper, £24.99
Filth animal tshirt, £25.50

Pair your Christmas themed top with this cool festive skirt from +Topshop and your warmest boots.

You could get a Christmas sash from +Etsy to accessorize some holiday into your look. The idea is to look as much like a present as you possibly can. Bonus: when you aren't wearing it you can use it as a decoration or an accent on a wrapped gift to pass it on when you're done with it.

Poinsettia sash, $9.71

Christmas bow sash, £8.99

Happy Holidays y'all.

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