Sunday, 15 December 2013


I can not wait to see this movie. Spike Jonze has a pretty excellent track record of directing, although I was pretty disappointed by Where the Wild Things Are. I still have hope, Adaption and Being John Malcovich were stellar. Maybe I just really like Charlie Kaufman. We'll see.  
This film looks like it really explores what intimacy can mean in modern life. I hope it dives in deep. Frankly, I just love to look at Joaquin Phoenix. He's one of those people that are memorizing on film; Kirsten Dunst is like that too. Marylin Monroe. My obsession with this man started when I saw the Master. He. Was. Incredible.

Olivia Wilde tweeted this picture from the premiere:

I'm not sure what her role is in the film, IMBD says "blind date", but she is absolutely glowing. The dress is a stunning cobalt blue and it really suits her. I love how she is showing off her baby bump loud and proud. Gorgeous.

Get the look by accessorizing one of these:

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