Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This is the one thing that has returned me to sanity. Before I tried co-sleeping I was a tired, crying, nervous wreck. No one told me that "sleeping like a baby" meant grunting like a trucker every minute or so.
Co-sleeping gets a bad rap. I'm sure a lot of first time parents, like myself, are too nervous to try sleeping with the baby in the bed. Honestly though, sometimes you have to. I'm not drinking, smoking, doing drugs, or sleeping on a couch, so I decided to try it and see. I was a little uncomfortable at first, afraid to move, but now we've got a comfortable routine. HAM sleeps so much better when he is next to me and I don't have to get up to check every time he makes a weird noise. Win win. He still sleeps soundly on his own in the Moses basket at night. And anyways, it is my professional opinion that you cannot spoil a baby under 6 months.
What helps you get more sleep?

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