Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bad back

Everyday I do these back stretches at least once. When HAM was around 3 weeks old I got a major back ache right between my shoulders. I took ibuprofen and that would dull the pain but it didn't do anything long term. Only a tiny bit of the medicine is transferred in your breast milk, but I still don't want to have to take painkillers every day. I started religiously stretching my back in the morning and although the pain isn't gone, it is getting better. The magic isn't in my specific stretches as much as taking 5 minutes to look after yourself and listen to your body. Here's my routine anyways:

Roll down, touch toes, roll up, 3 times
Standing saw stretch, 3 each side
Cat stretch moving into a cow stretch, 4 times
Wag the tail, 4 times each side
Thread the needle, 4 times each side (my favorite omgggggggggggggg)
Downward dog
Walk feet in to touch toes, roll up
Shoulder rolls, 4 times
Standing quad stretch, each side
Neck circles, 4 times, then reverse and do 4 more

I got some of the stretch ideas from this Pilates video that I did during my pregnancy. I always always did the last 10 minute set, Pilates for flexibility, because it really loosened up my hips and back.

How do you keep in shape? If you know any great back stretches please let me know so I can add it to my routine!

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