Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Topshop Wishlist

When I first became pregnant, I was reluctant to look for maternity clothing because I was sure that they would be, well, lame. Picture mumu dresses in the worst way. I was one of those girls in denial, trying to fit into her pre-pregnancy wardrobe. To my surprise, I found that a lot of brands I love have maternity lines.  +Topshop has some really stylish clothes for pregnant ladies. Thank god.

These are sexy and so essential to pulling off the baggy shirt, hot legs look. If I had better balance I would rock them with bitchin stilettos.

Maxi dresses are really flattering on pregnant bodies. This would be great for autumn layering.

I nearly fell over putting my socks on this morning. Balance can be a problem when you are pregnant but you can still look stylish without heels. These have a unique pattern and an laid back classy design.

Va va voom, proof maternity doesn't mean frump.

A great basic: wearable and versatile with a modern twist.

Casual and ultra cool. Pair it with the wet look leggings and be a total badass.

Carrying a bag around on my shoulder all day can hurt my poor pregnant back. Switch it up by carrying a clutch on nights out. I love the zipper detail.

This is a great color for autumn, plus they're nice and opaque for the chilly weather.

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